♥Be My Valentine♥

Happy Valentines from Tejae's ArtI believe my love of Valentine’s Day started when I was a little girl (probably around 2nd or 3rd grade) when my teacher shared with us that we’d be exchanging Valentine cards with each other. She explained to us, that it was about love yes, but more importantly it was about friendship and sharing compassion with others. Letting others know that they are important to us. Then she assigned us homework to create a “mailbox’ that our cards would be collected in.

My dad helped me find the perfect sized shoe box with lid that we covered it in red velvet added a big heart with lace and a little glitter for good measure. I was so proud of my little mail box. I wrote out a Valentine for each of my classmates, even the little girl who was not very nice to me.

The next day we had our Valentine exchange. As a little insecure girl, I still remember how very special I felt when my classmates would slip a valentine into my mail box. That feeling has stayed with me all these years. I also remember the very unexpected hug I got from the little mean girl in class for getting a card from me. ♥

So share the love with your friends and family. It’s not just about romantic love (although that is wonderful too), it’s about compassion and letting those you love know that you do! Love you all!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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