3 Favorite Sculpting Tools

I love tools. I have many shapes and sizes of all sorts of tools but I’ve noticed when I’m working with polymer clay there are a few standard tools I go back to most often. Of course we’ll always need the standard tools: an exacto knife, clay blade and acrylic block but if you don’t have the items below yet you may want to consider them.

Clay Shapers, Spatula Set & Christi Friesens “gotta have it” tool.

Clay shapersClay shapers come in 3 different colors: black, white and gray. White has soft tips, Black has hard tips and Gray is in between. They come in a variety of different shapes sizes. I have a couple of sizes and styles in each color. These are great for smoothing out clay and pushing it around without gouging it. I got them at Meiningers art store.


This spatula set I purchased recently at Hobby Lobby. I love these metal type tools because sculpting-toolsthey are easy to clean off. The polymer clay doesn’t eat into the material like it does with some plastic tools. These tools are great for smoothing clay and general sculpting.


The last tool is a wonderful heart spliting tool that i ordered from Christi Friesen called the “Gotta have it” tool. It’s true!! You do gotta have it. It glides over the clay nice and easy! I like using both sides of the tear drop end. I’ll need to show that in action soon!

Gotta Have it Tool

Let me know what you think of my recently redesigned website.  I’ve added several pages but you may be most interested in my new “how to” page. It includes some of my favorite how to tips from my blog. Just click on the title of any of the tips you want to see and it will take you directly to the blog post. There’s only a few items there now but I’ll continue to add to it. Hope you have a great weekend!

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