365 Days of Clay update

We just got back from an amazing 10 day vacation to Cancun. We had a fabulous time, I’m hoping to post some photo’s soon.

I’ve gotten several emails from the 365 Days participants and wanted to let you know I’ll answer your emails as soon as possible. I’ve revised the closing date to Jan. 15 so that those of you that tried to respond while I was on vacation will still be able to upload your photo’s to our group project on blurb. Don’t worry, you’ll be included if you got an invite and you still want to participate. However, the sooner I get the photo’s the sooner I can complete the project so please don’t delay.

Also, I wanted to clarify that when I first started this book project it was going to be a “date book” type journal printed in black in white. That has changed. It is going to be a full color photo book including name credits for the participants (with no dates).

This project has been a huge learning experience for me, thanks for your patience. I hope that once it’s complete you’ll be as pleased with it as I am. It has been so much fun for me to see all the amazing polymer clay work. We have very well known polymer clay artists as well as artists that have never been published before.

I’m getting new photo’s (every day), pages get switched around and photos get moved, the book is still morphing. I will be posting an example page this weekend just to give you an idea of what the book will look like. Stay tuned for that.

I’m hoping to be able to finish the book by January. It’s coming along nicely but I still have a lot of work to do. Thanks again for participating and drop me an email if you have questions. THANKS!! and Happy Holidays!


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