52 Earrings Project week 1

52 earring project
Supplies for week 1 earring

This week I was invited to join Anke Humperts flickr group called “52 pairs of earrings a year” project.

Even though I don’t usually wear earrings, I know from experience it’s good to step outside your comfort zone and take a class or do a challenge, because it will help you grow as an artist. There is always something new to learn. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Each week I’ll show you what earrings I make for the project and I will tell you briefly how I made it.


polymer earring


This week I created decorative post earrings with dangling beads.

You’ll need: black polymer clay, mica powder, beads and embellishments, super glue, earring posts, and wire

Tools: a patterned stamp, cutters, craft knife, and rounded pliers.

Condition and roll out the black clay into a thin sheet, (spritz stamp with water) stamped into the clay to create a clear pattern. Using the craft knife cut an interesting shape out of the clay. Smooth on a thin layer of gold mica with your finger tip. try not to get it into the deep recesses. Take a small flat back bead and press it into the clay. Put your pieces on a flat tile and bake. (note: the bead on the clay melted slightly in the oven, in the future i’ll impress the bead into the clay and then remove it before baking.)

After baking you may need to sand your edges for a smooth finish. Remove the center bead and super glue it back into place. Trust me, it will pop off. So be sure to glue it.

Using your craft knife (or a small drill) drill a hole into the clay for the wire to go through. Wrap the wire with the rounded pliers to create the top  loop for the dangle. Place the loop through the hole in the clay. Add your beads to the wire, then make the bottom loop. Add your final dangle bead. Glue your posts into place on the back of the earring.

If you make a version of this earring I’d love to see it. You can leave a comment here on my blog with a link to your earrings. And if you’re interested join Anke flickr group! 52 pair of earrings a year

Goodness am I on a roll with the blog posts this week or what? See you next week.

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