5×5 Altered Collage Project. Step One

I’m working on a 5X5 All Heart swap with a few ladies at AAO. My base was cardboard from the back of a desk calendar. I gessoed it, then mixed some thick gel medium with red-ish paint and spread it over the cardboard with a palette knife. Once it was completely covered then I took a huge rubber stamp with a swirl pattern and stamped the wet paint and gel mixture. I let that dry. The images above are showing my process for antiqueing the dry boards. I dip my paint brush into a different red-ish color and also into brown. I paint it on and wipe some of it off. The last image is my base I’ll begin to start layering on a design. Stay tuned for the progress!

I really enjoy working with collage. I always have a vauge idea but once my fingers start playing around with the papers and stamps I usually end up somewhere completely different.

This is an interesting collage pendant from SpiritMama.

Divadea’s collaged ACEO is made completely of polymer clay.

Julie from Juliespace has a fun collaged polymer tile frame.
Have a great week!
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