7 Random Things…

hmmm, Amy tagged me. So here are 7 random things about myself…
1. I married my husband exactly one year to the day after meeting him.

2. I don’t like touching a wet bar of soap

if I’m not in the shower or already washing my hands.
3. I enjoy exploring cemetaries.

4. My brothers favorite number is 7.

5. When I was 13 I found out about a greeting card company that employed artists to create card designs. I said to my parents, I’d love to be an artist there. Even though it was several states away (Alabama to Colorado). But as life would have it I moved after graduation and did start working there. I’m working directly with the graphic design artists.

6. I’ve worked at the same company for almost 20 years.

7. I’m not afraid of snakes or spiders but can’t stand centipedes.

(you didn’t want a picture of something creepy did you??)

Ok, now then, to keep it fair to all you people who want to be tagged…here’s your invitation! You’re coordially invited to list 7 random things about yourself on your blog or website and link back to here so I can go and read your strange quirky quirks! 🙂

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