a love note

everytime i see this it makes me smile. it’s my art journal/notebook. as you know i work full time and create art on the side. it’s easy to get swept up into everyday work life and put art to the side.

i carry my notebook to remind me to capture my creative ideas. i carry it with me during the work week back and forth to work, jotting down notes, pasting in images that inspire me. at home i can usually find the notebook either on the kitchen counter or in my studio.

on the inside cover are these cute little handmade labels (pictured above) that my husband lovingly creates for me. he handwrites them out almost every evening and sticks them to a plastic lunch container for the next day.

see the little heart? (awww, that melts my heart)

they are just too special to toss so i started collecting them and adding them to my notebooks, his love inspires me, reminds me i’m loved and that he supports me and my art.

it makes me smile because no one sees these labels but me and him. a secret little love note.

we’ll be celebrating our anniversary this weekend. time really flies when you’re in love.

i’d love to hear your love story. 🙂

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