Altered Aluminum Can Doll

This is my aluminum can doll for the AAO swap. It’s not complete but close enough to share. I’m still playing around with some ideas. Luckily it’s not due until the end of April because I will probably be tweaking it until then. 🙂
I want to thank you all for the comments about Bailey. I really appreciate it. I am at peace with it, I know it was the right decision. Interestingly enough though, I have woken up out of a deep sleep a couple of nights this week thinking that I hear him at the side of the bed or just hearing one loud bark that wakes me up from a deep sleep. It may sound a little weird (creepy) but when it happens I just smile. My little powder puff. 🙂 I know he’s not there. It’s just interesting to me how our minds work through loss. Here or gone, he will always be with me. 🙂
Now then, any of you out there going to Artfest? If so, I’d like to meet you there. I’ll be in dorm 225, room 36. Stop by, leave me a note, I’d like to say hello in person.
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