Are you buying old Polymer Clay?

Premo hobby lobby dateI don’t know about you but I have terrible luck buying polymer clay locally. I’ve purchased clay to use several weeks later only to discover it’s really hard to work with. Conditioning hard polymer clay is one ofย  my least favorite things to do so I’ve resorted to buying polymer clay online (polymer clay express). This way I get fresher clay.

However this week I caved. I was in Hobby Lobby for something other than clay but you know how it is, I was there and the clay aisle was calling to me.

As I was browsing the tempting colors, I noticed a kind lady was stocking the shelf. I jumped on the opportunity to ask her, if there was a way I could tell how old the clay is? She said sure “just look at the pricing label”.

Sure enough, there it is staring me in the face. Top right side of the pricing label has the month first then the year. For example January 2012 is “12” shown on the red block. September 2000 is circled as “90” on the translucent block.

I haven’t noticed a date like this on polymer clay from Michaels but I’m sure there is a manufactured date printed on the packaging somewhere, I just need to figure out how to decipher the code. If any of you know how, would you leave me a comment on my blog… And while you’re at send your friends to my blog to read about the label discovery!

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