Art Block project

Ever have those moments when you have waaay too much going on at one time? lol

Now that I’m finished with the Polymer Artists Showcase book, I have some free time on my hands.
I’m busy, but I’m having a lot of fun playing around with my blog design, moving things around, adding a signature (breaking blogger, giving me a google error message, yeah that was fun, not) and also working in the studio creating some new artsy items. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new artsy bronze pins I’ve been uploading to etsy this week?
There’s also a teaching opportunity that’s come up that I’m trying to prepare for (you’ll have to stay tuned for that announcement.)
The images above are the latest little project I’ve been messing around with. I have a few things I still want to do with it before it’s complete but I’m having fun with it.

I’m calling them Art Blocks. There’s a hole in the back so I can hang it on the wall. It’s all handmade, the artwork was originally one of my mixed media pieces, (my door sign for inspired last year) I scanned the image into photoshop and changed the shape, then adhered it to the block, I drilled a keyhole into the back of the block, added some texture and paint and there you have it! It’s approx 6″x6″. I’d love to hear your comments on what you think of my first one. (sorry for the bad image, it’s still morning…dark here and my studio is not well lit.)
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