Art Doll Guild demo

art doll demoYesterday was a sweet blessing, I had the joy of teaching an art doll demo at our local guild. Summertime is a challenge because the weather is so beautiful outside members don’t always show up (me included). So it was a sweet surprise to have 10 or so people show up.

The image above is my art work in progress art dolls to give you an idea of how to do this project. Note: I bake my dolls several times at different intervals as to not distort the clay added before. You could use colored clay for the skin, hair and dress or use white clay and paint it later using acrylic paint.

First, roll up a small ball for the head and cover with a sheet of aluminum foil, compress to shape the dress shape. Squeeze below the neck really tight so the neck doesn’t end up too large. Wrap  a couple of times with thin 24 gauge wire for the arms, just below the neck line.(1st doll on left)

Cover the foil armature with a layer of clay. Bake. Then using a face mold add a face, hair and arms if you’d like (4th doll from the left). Bake again. Add a layer of clay for the dress decoration. It could be a textured sheet of clay or cut out clay shapes and add to first layer of clay. bake. Finally add clay to the bottom of the doll and texture, bake. Add paint details. 🙂

have fun!! I’d love to see the art dolls you make using this project!! 🙂


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