Art FULL Weekend

leslie blackford, bunny, heart, bird head

My King Bird n Bunny. Their heads are interchangeable.
(from Leslie Blackford workshop)

Leslie Blackford and tejae floyde

me and Leslie. what a sweetie she is.
awesome southern accent (kentucky) and super nice.

What a great weekend. Leslie Blackford was in town to teach her “Off with your heads” workshop. Oh my goodness what a treat she was. The characters heads screw off, so you can interchange them. So Much FUN!!

The image below is a close up of a few of her characters.
Leslie blackford

I also spent time in the studio with 2 of my nieces, nicole and danielle. (don’t let that innocent face fool you, danielle is always up to something, ha! keeps us on our toes.)

And look how artistic they are!

tejae floyde and nieces

Nicole very proud of her masterpiece. 🙂

two little angel wing hearts for my two little nieces. 🙂
heart angel wings
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