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art projects

I’ve been a busy little bee in the studio this past week. It’s funny how artists go through days, weeks even months sometimes of not having any inspiration to create and then all of a sudden it’s like someone turned on the “idea” faucet and there’s too many ideas to even get onto paper. I’m enjoying the flurry of ideas right now. I’m experimenting , playing and thinking about what direction I want to go in next.

The image above shows my earring set for week 3 of the 52 week earring project. (click on the link to see what others have made). I cut and etched a copper sheet, then rolled it into a cylinder and wrapped with wire. Through the center is a wire coil with some beads dangling from the bottom. Now some of you know, i have pierced ears but never wear earrings. And if I did, I wouldn’t wear copper through my earlobes. This earring project for me is more about design and being inspired to try something new each week, not creating wearable items.

The second image is three paper mache hearts that I’ll add elements to and then mount onto thick square board. The third images is some sweet little hanging hearts I made because well, valentines day is coming up and I was in the mood to create a few items that didn’t look aged. 🙂

I finished up my bead soup collection and mailed them to texas but I haven’t heard from my partner, Rosy, yet. She lives in mexico but was traveling to texas for a couple of days. We both thought the mail would be more reliable here than in Mexico. Now I just hope she received them. Otherwise, I’ll be making another set!

Since technically I can’t show you the beads til reveal day, here’s a little sneak peek…the image is blurred on purpose. 🙂

sneak peek of beadsgiftboxed beads

I had put my Mixed Media Postcard swap project on the back burner until I knew for sure I was going to get 10 names to mail to. I received an email yesterday that I am IN…so I need to get my bootie back in gear on that project. Will share some new photos soon when I have something to show. But to remind you…here’s what I had so far. At the time that I made these I wanted a feeling rustic and outdoorsy but I’ve changed my mind…I need some more color!! Til next time…have a great day!

altered postcards backgrounds

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