art projects

tejaes painting

my husband and i have been busy working on projects around the house. we started in the master bath taking down wallpaper, repainting and updating the fixtures. Once it was all painted I realised I needed a piece of artwork over the tub. So i painted one…in just over a day. this canvas is 30X40. it was inspired by an image i found on the internet but i changed it to match my room color.

apron before paint

sewn heart

apron after paint

The 2nd artsy project i’m working on is an apron for Linda’s Apron Swap. I wanted it to look like a grunge artists apron. I started out with 3 skirts, cut them apart, then sewed the front panels together. I added some patches and paint. I have a couple of things i want to try before it gets packaged up and mailed off to it’s recipient sometime in september. I’ll post a final picture later.

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