ArtFest Wow!

Teesha and Me. (I’m art fatigued :))
Nina and Misty

Postcard Group
Some things are just wonderful. Artfest is one of the most artfully delicious events I’ve ever attended. I’m pleasantly exhausted. We’re already making plans to go again next year. I met in person several online friends. Hello martha brown, joan, edina, trish, pati, holly, catherine, kelly, and rhonda, to name a few. Also joined a small artfest postcard group with Diane, Julie, Kathy, Cathy, Lesley, and Andrew. Our plan is to keep the artfest vibe going by swapping monthly artful postcards with each other, which we will then bind together and share our creations we meet again next year.
At ArtFest I took classes with Anahata, Nina Bagley and the Obriens…all extremely wonderful. I learned alot. It was my first Artfest experience and it was like art bootcamp. So much to do and see, from the opening night to meet and greet all the teachers to the journaling party, art asylum and show and tell. The trades were so creative. (note to self get some moo cards.) I was thinking of submitting a proposal to teach my encased hearts technique. Not sure there would there be enough interest though.
anahata’s wallpaper people class:
Mine is 2nd from the left, dark, blue and greenish.

Kelly Rae Roberts (sorry it’s blurry)
group shot
Julie’s art piece. Isn’t it lovely?
Obrien’s class:
Pati and Martha. My table mates in the obriens jewelry class (tintastic2)
Me and Martha. Notice Martha’s necklace that she made in the Obriens class. My necklace was made by Susan Lenart Kazmer. (my obriens necklace wasn’t finished.)

Nina’s class

Kathy’s necklace with ArtFest Trades.

Me and Nina. I gifted Nina with an encased heart. She’s such a lovely person. Love that southern accent.

My Nina knot bracelet.
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