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Isn’t it funny how one idea leads to another?

A couple of posts ago I offered to create a free personalized pendant for one lucky winner. Mary Ellen (m.e.) had suggested the pendant idea could also be personalized ornaments. I loved this idea and since she was the lucky winner of my drawing, I offered to create an ornament for her.

m.e. liked that idea and asked that instead of a person she would like for me to include a very special turtle that her, her daughter and husband followed for quite a long time while scuba diving last year in Florida. She said it was a magical adventure and a vacation she’ll never forget. Her daughter took the picture she wanted me to use.

In m.e.’s words, “That encounter was so magical it will be a highlight of our lives forever. I collect Xmas ornaments as a way to remember people, places and things. Her turtle picture on one of your gorgeous hearts would be a very special addition to my collection!”

She asked me to include the word “dream” too. Here’s the very special turtle ornament.

Thank you m.e. for the great idea and for allowing me to create such a special piece for you!

It measures about 2 1/2″ tall. I included a some seaweed grass.

I was so inspired creating m.e.’s ornament that I made one for my studio using my “live artfully, inspire beauty” art piece. Isn’t it sweet?

have a wonderful week! Oh, and do tell me what inspiring new piece of art have you acquired for your studio? Feel free to share a photo on your blog and leave a link in the comments. I’d love to see.

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