Bead Soup Party!

Bead Soup PartyI’m so excited!!! I made it in to participate in Pretty Things Bead Soup Party, out of 384 people, only 200 were randomly chosen!! Read all about it over at Lori Anderson’s pretty things blog.

My swap partner, Rosy, is from mexico. (You all know how much me and tim love mexico.) I’ve been busy making a bead items to send to her. I can’t share yet…but i’m doing the happy dance!! ♥

By the way, for you polymer clay peeps out there…I shared a tip on flickr the other day about using a ball point stylus to help drill into your polymer clay…here’s the photo collage for that…

drillingI’m trying to decide whether to dedicate a tips page here on my website. If you enjoy these tips, would you leave me a message on my blog, letting me know, purty please? (click for larger image)

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