Before and After

Are you ready for the new year?? Out with the old, in with the new… I get a bit ansy this time of the year. It’s exciting to me to think about what opportunities and change await just around the corner.

Being the creative type person that I am, I tend to change things (rearrange) maybe more often than most people. (are you like that too?) My studio has morphed several times over the last few months and now it was time for my blog to change.
I’m still tweaking a couple of things, (like my banner). It’s interesting to see the blog a different color. The image above is the “before” picture. As you can see I went from a green banner and white, white, white to blue banner and background. (The white on the sides were beginning to bug me so it’s been fun to try out something new.) Don’t be surprised if it changes again in the next couple of days til I get it just so. Thanks for the emails and comments left.

What are you planning for New Years day?

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