Blast from the Past

clays the rage newspaper clipThis newspaper clipping is from November 28 1999. It’s THE newspaper clipping that got me started working with polymer clay. Laura Balombini’s “Nature’s Jester”, Rebecca Zimmermans teapot, Kathleen Dustins “Heart purse” and Sarah Shriver’s bracelet.

It was Kathleens purse that absolutely stole my heart! Back then there wasn’t alot of information to be found on the internet. Experimenting on my own and this lack of information is what encouraged several women to gather locally to form our local Pikes Peak Polymer clay guild, which is still active today. I believe it started around 2002. Anyhoo, thought you might like to see this little treasure. ha! How did you get started in polymer clay?

Update on my new class Decorative Pens. I’m finished with the video. WOO-HOO!! Now I just need to upload it, list it on etsy and get the handouts ready. It will be available this week, be on the lookout for that announcement.

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