Busy Hands…

Time is flying by. I’ve been a busy bee creating a new website for the Pikes Peak Polymer Clay Guild. (It’s viewed best with Internet Explorer.) It’s my first website (well, besides blogging) If you’re in Colorado Springs and are interested in polymer clay, definately check us out.

Speaking of which, our guild meeting was today and Yuriy demonstrated his super cool and intricate cane work. We were so impressed. He made these HUGE canes in 3.5 hours. Basically every photo you see here he created today. He is fast! Then he combined the canes into a super huge mega cane, sliced and diced to create the amazing beads at the very end. It was fascinating to watch. Sorry the images are blurry, he was on the move. 🙂

This cane is standing on it’s end and a view from the top.

Slicing and Dicing.
Putting together the slices.
Front of the bead.
Back of the bead.
I’ve also been working on my son, Timmy’s, graduation announcements…2+ months to go before he graduates high school. (Is it possible to be a little weepy and terribly excited at the same time??)

I haven’t created any tangible arsty things lately, well besides a soda pop can art doll sitting on a shelf waiting to be finished. Mainly, I just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you all know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth… yet!! I’m getting really excited about Artfest and will start packing supplies soon! Any of you artfest go-ers dreaming about it? I’ve had some strange dreams artfest lately.
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