Collaborative Quilt for Synergy 2010

Collaborative Quilt for Synergy 2010
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I’m so happy and proud to have participated in this mosaic for Synergy 2010 “Collaborative Quilt” project. Laurie Mika came up with the fabulous idea, collected all the tiles and created the quilt. Isn’t it cool? 🙂

Think you know which polymer clay artist created which tile? Enter the contest and win. Click on the image to sign up.


Collaborative Tile Project Contest

Laurie Mika and 37 artists created a terrific mosaic. Now we want to share the fun with you. From November 20th through December 20th you can enter the contest, with one entry per person.Our intrepid webmaster Barbara created a way for you to submit your match up of tile to artist.

The winner will receive the Synergy2 exhibit catalogue and a 1 year IPCA membership.

So be a part of the fun and send in your picks . We will see who matches them all correctly and announce the winner in December. If we have several with the right answers, we will resort to the random drawing from a hat to be fair.(one entry per person, please!)

Good luck!!

The contributing artists are:

Janice Arbarnel
Judy Dunn
Laurie Mika
Meisha Barbee
Barb Fajardo
Libby Mills
Judy Belcher
Tejae Floyde
Geraldine Newfry
Merrie Buschbaum
Barb Forbes-Lyons
Kathryn Ottman
Heather Campbell
Marla Frankenberg
Julie Picarello
Maureen Carlson
Lindly Huanani
Jana Roberts-Benzon
Rachel Carren
Suzanne Ivester
Sarah Shriver
Kim Cavendar
Donna Kato
Ponsawan Sila
Susan Croscenzi
Ronnie Kirsch
Cindy Silas
Robert Dancik
Judy Kushkin
Cynthia Tinapple
Lorrene Davis
Loretta Lam
Cynthia Toops
Dayle Doroshow
Maggie Maggio
Ronna Weltman
Catherine Witherell

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