Copper Etching and Hand Carved Eraser

This will be a short post because I’ve getting ready to attend a polymer clay workshop with Lindly Haunani today. Hopefully I’ll have some new polymer project worth posting later from her class but for now I wanted to show you a few things I’m working on.
I’m experimenting with etching copper. The copper squares are 1″x1″. The designs on these are store bought rubberstamp designs. I thought they looked pretty cool but wondered about carving my own rubberstamps. I found a really interesting and informative website He takes all the guess work out of it. Using simple tools a lino cutter, Xacto knife and eraser. Theresa also emailed me some great tips and recommended Gloria Page’s rubberstamp carving book. Enjoy! If you have any questions let me know!

Ok, I’m off to my class! Have a great day!
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