Craft Surfing

Santa Gnome Finished

Ha! I made up a new term:

Craft Surfing” definition: when you’re surfing the internet and come across the coolest crafting ideas.

Before I get to that, a couple of posts ago I shared with you my Santa Gnome project (you can click the link to read more) It occurred to me that i didn’t share my finished Santa gnome project with you. I borrowed this photo from Andrew’s facebook page. You can see his face broke off. He only had a little piece by his foot left. Which was a great help in me figuring out what his right side should look like. So the right side is my final piece. Using Apoxie Sculpt I sculpted and repainted his hat, face and beard. I think he turned out real cute.

Here’s a couple of projects I’ve found recently while Craft Surfing: enjoy!

Print your own tissue paper. This would be fun for art journaling.

Save those holiday cards. I SO need more bookmarks!! thanks Dale

DIY Photobox from a cardboard box. GENIUS I’m trying this one!

Need camera batteries? I got some really cheap here and I’ve been using them since May. They work really well. (You’ll need to click on camera, then batteries or just type in your model number)

Polymer Clay Batik Tutorial by SaffronAddict I so need to try this. Love the look.




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