Crazy Clay and Pendant Giveaway!

Our Florida vacation is coming up! We can hardly wait. We’re looking forward to some warm weather. We’ve gotten a range of summer and winter weather over the last couple of weeks in Colorado. The weather man said it may even SNOW tonight. (geesh! we’re not big fans of the snow.)

Knowing I’ll be away from my clay, I thought I’d try to fit in a couple of projects before we leave. Unfortunately my clay was not cooperating!

Our climate is pretty dry and I’m thinking that may have helped to really dry out this clay! UGH! So I sliced off some slabs, broke them into small pieces and placed the broken pieces into the food processor. I squeezed a small amount of liquid translucent clay onto it. I chop it up until it starts to get soft then remove it from the food processor. Now I’m rolling it with my acrylic rod til it gets flat enough to run it through the pasta machine. I’ll run it through until it gets completely conditioned.

No time to finish this up before i leave for work. We’ll see how far I get tomorrow before we start packing our suitcases.
In my last newsletter I mentioned a free Personalized Pendant giveaway to one lucky subscriber to celebrate Mother’s Day and my upcoming birthday. All you had to do was leave a message in the comments section and I’ll pick lucky subscriber #10. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow! Good Luck!
Have an awesome day!

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