Creating an inspiring studio

new desk

I’m in the process of doing a little spring cleaning in my art studio. I started really looking at my space and researching “organizing rooms” on the internet. I found a new bigger desk at Goodwill for around $50 to replace my small white polymer clay table (see image below).

I found an interesting website Inspired Home Office You may want to check into it. Jennifer has a free newsletter with tips on creating an inspiring home office. (or you can hire her to help you virtually!) I’ve discovered (among other things) that I have too much stuff! Also my studio was functional but not exactly inspiring.

New set up

So I made a few changes (I still have lots more de-cluttering to do). I looked at my “before” space (below) and obviously had a few items in my space that doesn’t need to be there. (heater, exercise ball, too many book cases, an extra table, clothing etc) I want to eventually paint or change the gray walls, but that will have to wait for now. I’m also going to remove the metal book case, pictured above to the right.

I moved all my rubber stamps on the shelf above my work table to my “paper arts” work space, which is directly opposite of my polymer clay table.

My white polymer clay work table was simply too small and my computer desk wasn’t working for me. So I got rid of my old computer table and moved my white table in it’s place (you can see the corner of it and the back of my flat screen monitor in the second picture.)

My studio is in the basement and I don’t have a door. So I removed the curtains from the windows and made a “faux”entrance to my space. This makes the space brighter during the day and creates a fun “door”.

What do you think of the changes? How’s your space? Does your creative space need a makeover? Leave a comment and a link to your room. I’d love to see it!

Lisa Clarke invited me to participate in a fun project for July called “A month of Hands”. Here’s my hand shot for today!
Have a great 4th of July!

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