Decorative Pens Video

Decorative Pens classI did it! I finished my new online class “Decorative Pens“. It’s in a new classroom and it’s an HD video! woot!! I’m very happy and quite proud of myself for learning a new software in just a couple of weeks.

Now for YOU! This video will be sold through etsy.

You’ll get 2 instant downloads and an invitation to access the private video. The 2 instant downloads are a Supply List and as a freebie gift I designed, a special “pen” sized collage sheet with 12 designs that you can transfer to polymer clay pens. So FUN!!

In the video I teach you 5 techniques using polymer clay and mixed media to create many styles of unique decorative pens. Just think of the possibilites!! Functional art for you, gifts for them. Mother’s Day is coming up, wouldn’t your mother love one of these?

You will need a gmail account to access the video. Check out my etsy shop for more details!


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