Egg Fetish Swap AAO

This Egg Fetish is a “work in progress”. I’m making it for an AAO swap. The egg is a craft egg from Hobby Lobby. I painted it, carved it and attached wire and eyelets to the outside. Painted and embellished the inside too. (I’m still trying to decide what will be inside permanently. I have a temporary “couple in love” inside.) The stand was made out of scrap wood and some rubber frogs, which were all painted a lovely shade of brown.

My take on the rules were to embellish an egg and stand. The egg must be removeable. The complete set should be at least 4″ tall.

The rules/fetish definition: “An object used to represent and create a bond with the spirit world. Any object, natural or otherwise, that is believed to contain “power.” Objects which represent the spirits of animals or the forces of nature. So when creating the piece be sure to make it a positive experience so that your fetish can carry it on to the recipient.”

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