Encased Heart Class (Online)

tejaes encased heart class
Tejae's Encased Heart Class

“There are so many possibilities and so little time. I love these hearts, they are my all time favorite project.  Thanks for making this tutorial, it is awesome!” craftedu student  -Laura R 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! My new and improved Encased Heart Class is now available online with even more “secrets” revealed. I recieve emails often asking if I will travel to polymer clay guilds to teach my encased heart class. I would love to but since I work full time it’s hard to get away to teach classes.

All that’s changed now with CraftEdu  now you can take the class in the convenience of your own home, whenever you’d like. Instead of a one time teaching experience you’ll be able to view the video up to 12 times!!

Just like a real in person experience you’ll be able to  ask questions through the Q&A feature which sends an email right to my inbox and I’ll answer. 

The purchase of class also includes a handy dandy handout and supply list that you can print out and keep.  So what are you waiting for? Don’t you have some cute valentine gifts you need to get busy making? Click on the image above to check out the class! Or visit this link: Tejae’s Encased Heart Class

See you in class!

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