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enchanted makeover ornaments
©2010 tejae floyde, wish & believe ornaments
“A hand-made object carries all the love, hope and inspiration of its creator,
and, if a person is open and willing, can jump-start the process of healing.”
Recently I visited stephey bakers blog and read about how handmade can help heal.  Stephey described the 100 ornament project she was working on for Terry at Enchanted MakeoversTerry is on a mission to transform dark, grungy women’s shelters into colorful places of beauty to help women on their journey to a better life as they fight addictions or heal from domestic abuse or other challenges.
Stephey decided to created 100+ ornaments to donate to the project for the women and was asking for help.  I knew I wanted to get involved with this inspiring project so I contacted Stephey and agreed to make a handful of ornaments for her project. These are the ornaments I’ll be sending to them.
If I could have one creative wish it would be that the hearts I make have healing powers to help these women celebrate their accomplishments and help them to heal past hurts, give them strength and the knowledge of a loving God.
tejae hearts
©2010 tejae floyde, believe ornaments
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