Enjoying the summer…

We made it back from our fun family trip. The weather was nice most days. It was great visiting the family and just hanging out.

On our return, I had the pleasure of visiting the mile high polymer guild for a few hours to show a few altered art techniques. The guild surprised me with a honorary member certificate and a bag of goodies. We also got to try out their new projector equipment. A digital camera focused on my hands and projected onto a huge screen so that everyone could see what I was doing from the comfort of their chairs. Pretty cool!! Thanks everyone!! It was great fun to see everyone and touch your polymer clay covered journals.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been spending quite a few hours working in the yard, planting flowers, moving things around and digging up the peanuts that the neighborhood squirrels insist on planting! It’s been great spending some time outside. I’m also re-finishing 2 end-tables. Who knew it would take so long!!

On the creative front, I’ve decided to take some time off-line to regroup. I have lots of ideas for some new projects and new art for my etsy shop. My goal is to re-open in the fall with lots of fun handmade goodies to sell. I’ll give some sneak peeks as the art progresses. Stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying your summer too!!

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