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new coffee cup

my favorite white coffee cup slipped out of my hand yesterday morning and crashed to the basement floor, the handle broke into a bazillion pieces. i was a little sad about that. i really liked that cup. the shape and the size was just perfect. I mentioned it to tim before i left for work yesterday, then i didn’t say anything else about it. I sort of forgot about it, but he didn’t…

I walked in the house from work yesterday, and there sitting on the counter were 3 brand new coffee cups sitting there washed and ready to go, a white one, a blue one and a dark orange one. I looked at the cups, then at tim. he smiled. he said, “i know that was your favorite cup so I tried to find a replacement. i got 3 colors, because i know you like variety”.  awww..my heart melted.  Is he a keeper or what?  (true love ♥) my old cup has been washed and is now a paintbrush holder.

I’ve been playing around with sketching in my art journals. just playing with no pressure, remember finger painting as a kid? not caring if things turn out or not? yeah, that’s what i’ve been doing, experimenting and making a mess. Years ago I loved painting portraits in oil. My skills are very rusty but it’s been fun to ease back into it with some less realistic faces.

What have you been up to? Are you working on some fun creative or artsy projects?

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