Funky Inspiration

Funky Inspiration
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Are you putting up with small annoyances? They tend to add up over time don’t they? I suggest you start replacing those small annoyances with some funky inspiration for yourself. What a great BOOST!

This is what happened to me, first it was my clothes, then the worn out shoes that need to be replaced, the final straw was my desk. I have been tolerating not having a pen holder. Such a small thing. Yet every time I sit at my desk, ugh! all my pens were laying about. I’m not the neatest person to begin with but this was really getting on my nerves. That was IT! I was at my breaking point for tolerating these things.

Thanks to a dear friend, she recommended I go through my closet looking for items that still work: in good shape, fit well, and make me feel good, then go shopping to find supporting items. Great idea and much easier to handle than a whole new wardrobe! Little by little I’ve been picking up some supporting pieces. I feel better, feel pulled together, big energy and my honey has been giving great compliments. (he makes me blush!)

Same thing with the worn out flats. Got rid of them and replaced them with a couple of fun comfortable shoes that make me smile when I put them on. 🙂

Then yesterday I seen this little cup sitting on a store shelf. Although it was surrounded by other cups it was a bit out of place. All the other cups were standard, regular, boring everyday cups, this one had some personality. It made me giggle when I seen it. I mean the color, the shape and the little topiary??? Who made this little work of art? I had to have it! Now, I’m loving the new home for my pens! Love sitting at my desk again.

Is it time for you to stop draining your energy and replace those small annoyances with some funky inspiration? 🙂 Go do it, you can even start small. Just do something. I dare ya!

Have an awesome day!!

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