Halloween MailArt

Ok I have to admit I’m not a huge halloween person. Sure I enjoyed trick or treating when I was a child and I do love seeing the little ones dressed up but that’s about as far as I take it. We don’t decorate the house, and we leave the pumpkin carving to the neighbors. Even so, I thought it would be kind of fun to send my postcard group (RaP) some creepy postcards. hee-hee. Here they are…this is probably about as creepy as I get! Click the image to get a closer look.
To make your own: I used a chipboard base, watered down yellow, orange and red acrylic paint. let that dry, then stamp your images, put on any cool stickers (the stickers shown above are from martha stewart crafts). lastly I put on a little sparkling h20’s. 🙂 ooooo, scarey!! boo! ha! Happy Halloween!
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