Halloween Shenanigans

What a fun week of creative goodness. I’d like to share some of my projects with you.

If you follow me on facebook you know we have a little granddaughter on the way. (so excited!) My daughter in law, Stacey, needed a Halloween costume for a party tonight (Friday 13th).pregnant halloween costume

We used an idea for a pregnant belly from Pinterest. The reference image (not shown) made me a little uneasy but when I seen the little doll hand holding a trick or treat bucket, I laughed out loud! I told her I would not be adding any blood, so we settled on a red and black tank. We found the doll at a local Arc and I carefully disassembled it. (I convinced myself the doll really wanted to celebrate Halloween this way!) We looked for a mini pumpkin bucket but couldn’t find one, so I made one with polymer clay. I drilled a hole in the hand so it could hold the bucket. If you want more details on how I made this just ask!


The next project is a digital project I created for a Halloween Deck. (each participant creates one piece of art, copies it 20 times to share with other participants. I’ll get 20 pieces back.)

I belong to several creative facebook groups that allow me to design digital art layouts.  Travelers’ H’Art Artist Collective is managed by Red Scott and we focus on mixed media, stamping and digital art. We will have various types of swaps: postcards, and art decks are our first two. The Halloween deck she asked us to visually translate what Halloween means to us. Here’s my 3×5 piece. Basically Halloween is creepy to me! (especially clowns) LOL I included skeletons, ravens, cemetery, bats and clowns!


Last project that I completed this week was turning a devils pitchfork into a Mermaid Trident. I made it for the upcoming baby shower for Stacey. It includes real seashells and a seahorse and starfish made from polymer clay. If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

Before (walmart)
Mermaid Trident

Thanks for reading this far and letting me share.

Don’t forget there is still time to sign up for “Polymer Clay Adventure Online Retreat“. Everyone is getting to know each other in the forum. Classes start in January.

Until next time…happy fall!


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