Handmade dress for Rosie

Saying goodbye to old friends (and co-workers) is sad. I’m not good with goodbyes so I usually handle it by creating something. It’s my therapy. 

This little dress was made for Rosie. (another dress inspired from Ruth Rae’s book) Rosie has worked at my full time job longer than I’ve been alive (over 40 years) I told Rosie that this is a new dress for the next stage in her life.

A new dress for her new adventure in life.

flower mixed media

Flower detail: white flower, stamped and stained with markers and spray.

handmade dress

The patterned fabric is from an old crate and barrel napkin. I stamped some scripty text onto it. I sewed a few small beads onto the tinted cheesecloth. And the little handmade book has stamped fabric pages and two little metal rings with a thread tie closure. I also handstitched the sleeves.

sew book

Vintage inspired handmade dress.

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