Happy Easter!

pink flower

I’m soooo ready for Spring. The other day I noticed little green tulip leaves peeking up through the ground, in the flower bed. I did a twirling happy dance to celebrate! (then the next day, it snowed…eeep!)

Flower Photo credit: aussiegall via Compfight cc

I’m not crazy about cold weather but I will go out in it, if that means I get to spend the day with 2 of my favorite polymer clay artist friends!! And that is exactly what I did last Wednesday.

3 friendsAnke is visiting from Germany. So Jainnie and I picked her up and went on a fun & wacky crafty field trip to Michaels and Meiningers.

Of course, a trip to Colorado Springs would not be complete without visiting the Broadmore! It was a very fun day hearing all about Synergy and goofing off with friends.

Broadmore Anke & TejaeFirehouseHave a wonderful Easter weekend!

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