Happy News!

Thank you all for the wonderful emails, prayers and good wishes for my mother in law. We’re all hanging in there, taking things day by day.

On friday, I took a little break from reality and drove 2.5 hours up to Ft. Collins to attend the “Weird Wonderful Windows” workshop with Michael deMeng. What a treat! He’s such a fun instructor. If you’re remotely interested in the work he produces don’t hesitate to take his class. He makes it alot of fun, we all learned alot and the time just flies by!! I’m so happy that I get to meet his amazing artist girlfriend Judy at Artfest next year. What a talented couple. My window is at the top of the post in the middle. I’ll take a better shot later and post it. It was soooo fun!!

I also got to meet the talented Christine who owns the Artists Nook. What a sweetie she is. If you’re in the Ft. Collins area definately check out her store. VERY COOL STUFF, found objects, awesome stamps, amazing art and art supplies. 🙂

My table mate was Susan whom I originally met at Artfest last year. (We both took Anahata’s classes). Susan recently cleaned out her studio and shared her unwanted items with the class. How great is that? She didn’t sell anything but did set out a “wine dontations” box. 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of Susan’s window it was very cool! Susan if you take a picture email it to me!! 🙂

Seated to the left of me was the talented Terry Ross. She did the wonderful witch box above. Sooo, creepy and layered. I believe it was my favorite. Terry and I have never met before but realised we know each other from the Altered Art Obsession group. We’ve traded atc, inchies and participated in the “invoke the spirit” fat book. It’s such a small world isn’t it?

Oh, speaking of Artfest, I’m in, I’m in!! I got my owl post early last week. If you’re going to Artfest, leave me a comment so I can say hi when we get there. Let me know which classes you’re in. I’m taking Kazmer, Witherell and Mika for Thurs, Fri and Saturday. Can’t Wait!! I found out that Christine from the artists nook and I are in Kazmer’s and Mika’s class together. Syncronicity in action.
take care! I’ll post more pictures soon. 🙂

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