Heart Attack

tejaes baby heart
photo by danica larsen photography

Someone asked me recently “Where do you want to be in 5 years with your art?”

Sure, like most artists I have a secret desire to create art full time but it’s really more than that for me. I want to change the world! or at least…

I want to engage with people on a more meaningful level through my art. I want to do my part to help people show their love towards each other by providing art that I believe in.

“meaningful heart gifts of love and kindness” 

For example, recently I was asked to create a heart piece for a client who had recently had her first little baby! How adorable, right?  I got the honor of stepping into couples lives for a brief moment and hear their story. This couple have struggled for years to have a baby and when they stopped “trying” and gave in to the idea that they couldn’t have a little one of their own…a miracle happened. She became pregnant. Now the little boy is healthy as can be and they are one happy family.

I absolutely love this part of my work as an artist. Getting to hear their stories, connecting to them through my work. This is where I feel most alive.

I’m on a love mission to make the world a better, kinder, more loving place with the art I create. By creating heart keepsakes  for others, I’m helping them nurture their relationships and show their love for one another.

Would you join me on my mission of celebrating love by telling a friend about my heart creations?  Give them a playful “heart attack”.

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