Heart Class at Artists Nook

Yesterday I spent the day with 6 talented ladies at the Artists Nook. We made beautiful little encased hearts. What a fun class! The students were so energetic and just ready to try anything. When their hearts came out of the oven, I was so overwhelmed and proud of these women and their artwork that I neglected to take pictures of everyones finished hearts, inside and out. Luckily my mind came back to me before Linda left and I was able to take a picture of her opened heart. Linda was a little nervous about the class because she had never worked with polymer clay before. Can you tell she was a beginner?? (I think not. She worked it like a pro.) Keep in mind these hearts aren’t completely finished but you can get an idea of how they turned out. I just want to thank everyone who came; Kathy, Susan, Tracey, Becky, Linda, and Jane. You all made the class so much fun. THANK YOU Christine for hosting my class in such a creative place. The Artists Nook is such a creative place..the energy just rubs off on everyone.

I was cleaning up after class. I heard several people walk in… I looked up,and who should walk through the door with her friends from Albequque NM??? Raine. We’ve emailed each other and traded art before but we’ve never met in person. They all drove down to see the Gorey deTales art exhibit at the Artists Nook. Raines Canadian friend, Jen Worden, has a piece in the exhibit (see it hanging it the background.)

By the way, the exhibit had some pretty gorey art by some pretty awesome artists; Bernie Berlin, Thomas Wynn, Lynn Whipple, Sarah Fishburn, Katherine Brown, Kelly Snelling, Richard Salley, Jane Salley, LK Ludwig, Sylvia Luna, Deryn Mentock, Karen Michel, Thomas and Ramona Ashman, Celene Navarro to name a few. The Gorey detales exhibit doesn’t end until November so check it out if you’re in Ft. Collins.

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