Heart Shaped Art & Santos Hands inspiration

hearts and handsMy mom came out for a visit from Florida. We had a great time. She’s safely back home and i’ve been playing in the studio.

santos hands

I came across these santos hands online at www.santoscagedolls.com and fell in love with them. They have a vintage, antique feel to them. I love how the paint is faded and they look worn and old. They were too small to hold my polymer clay hearts so I decided to find an alternative.

jewelry holder hands

So, I purchased these beauties at hobby lobby. I brushed them with a couple of layers of white gesso and let it dry. The brush strokes on the gesso make it appear to be woodgrain. Then I spray painted them a flat dark brown (first image). Next I will add some tan and white paint to create my own version of the santos hands. I’ll post pictures of the final. 🙂

The vintage inspired hands will go well with the vintage inspired hearts I’m working on.

have a great week!


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