Helen Breils NEW BOOK

Helens Shape book

Helen Breil is a fantastic polymer clay artist from Canada. Not only is she a teaching artist, she also offers a large selection of wonderful texture sheets.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending a little time with Helen at a polymer clay retreat. Yes, she is a perfectionist, but a very likable and nice perfectionist!! (ha!) Her workspace is always tidy and she is most productive. Helen is fascinating to watch work, taking a piece of clay and transforming it into a textured masterpiece in no time. Now you can watch her work too!

If you haven’t taken the time to check out her new book Shapes, you really ought to. It’s packed full of tips and tricks on creating these dynamic shaped pendants. (when I say packed, i mean packed!) I’ve seen the book and it is a must have for your library!  You can download 20 pages for free!

Included in the book are step by step, very detailed instructions. The gallery along with the rest of the book is filled with eye candy, mouth watering, truly awe-inspiring photography of wearable art.
Shapes book - Techniques Chapter Cover

Happy Crafting!

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