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Hello! It’s been a great while since I chatted with you and wanted to let you what I’ve been up to. I was busy for a while working on the 365 days of polymer clay book. Artists from all over the world with AMAZING polymer clay work. This project is on hold at the moment (sorry people). I got a sick bug on my computer and had to rebuild my pc. (ugh!) I’ll be getting a new pc soon. Can hardly wait. And then I’ll restart this project.

I’ve also been busy working on some friends new websites. These are some really good people with great products and customer service.

I met Anne through our local polymer clay guild (www.pppcg.org). She gave up the polymer clay a couple of years ago for Smokehouse barbeque. (lol) Her barbeque is the best. Her business is called Phat Hatties. Check out her website: www.phathatties.com

Rick and Jeanette Elmer are husband and wife team that run a local jewelry casting company. Their original website was pretty basic so we updated the look. If you need any lost wax castings done, they are simply the best to work with. Here’s their website: www.theimageryicons.com We’re hoping to build a gallery section soon.

I’m also working on some new exciting products for my etsy shop. If you like my work, you’ll want to see a preview, right? Sign up for my newsletter (top left hand corner) and I’ll send you an email when they are live in the shop. Hoping to get them all up by April if not sooner.

Until next time, hope you have a great week!

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