Holiday projects

Holiday HeartsWhat have you been up to lately? Gearing up for the holidays? I’ve been pretty busy with my full time job but you know every morning I spend time in my studio. This week I finished up my Christmas ornaments for my friend Chris.

Then another special project came up. One of my co-workers, Andrew, was getting his holiday decorations set up over thanksgiving. (He and his wife have a new little one in the house, so this is an especially special Christmas) Anyhoo, as they were taking their favorite Christmas Gnome out of the box, he jumped right out and landed on his little face. Poor guy! He shattered into a gazillion pieces.  Andrew & family was sad as they had just recently purchased a stoop for the little guy to set on…he never got to use it. Sadly Andrew posted a picture on facebook, saying they gave him a curb side farewell…I was like…WAIT!! Maybe i can salvage him.

So, we arranged for him to be brought into work and over the past week, I’ve been slowly rebuilding him. I’m using epoxy.

His whole face broke off and most of the right side of his beard. I only had the face piece in the image.

I had a tiny little heart with the word WISH on it, that I hid on the inside. Now he has a heart. Ha!! Then I attached wire mesh internally so that I’d have support to add the epoxy to. Epoxy takes a few hours to set up, so I work on it a little while then wait til the next day, giving it time to set up and harden.

I’ve gotten as far as adding most of his hat back and the right side of his beard. I even got a little impatient waiting for the epoxy to set up so I painted the hat and beard. If you’re interested or have any questions about this fun project let me know. I’m happy to answer.

Santa Gnome project

Santa Gnome Face

I still have lots of work to do but he’s coming along. What holiday projects are you working on?

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