How to create Santos hands

 A few posts back I shared with you how in love I am with these santos hands but they were a little too small to hold my hearts so I decided to make my own.

santos hands
I purchased these hands at hobby lobby and spray painted them a flat brown  
jewelry holder hands
hearts and hands
hands painted brown
Take the brown hands and let them dry completely. Then next step is to dip your brush into water, wipe dry with a paper towel. Then paint the brown hands with a tan and cream color. I’ve used Americana Raw Seinna and Antique white. I barely mix the two colors. I like seeing the color variation.
painting santos hands
My goal is to make the hands look like they’ve been around a while. So the paint job shouldn’t be perfect. Let some of the base paint show through. Also paint in layers. Let one layer dry like above then paint other layers until you get the look you want.
tejaes art project
After a couple of days I may add another layer of highlights. I also need to paint the other hand!
tejaes art painting
Hope you enjoyed this “how to” on creating santos hands! 
Have a great week!

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