How To: Polymer Clay Transfers

It’s Friday! Let’s share a Friday Fun Tip!

polymer clay transfers

Polymer clay transfers are a basic beginner project that can still be challenging to do successfully. Depending on the project I’m working on, I most often choose to do a basic transfer.

Use plain cheap white paper, printed on a laser colored toner printer (I use a Samsung CLP-315 printer) This particular printer has been a pain at times because sometimes the print spooler just decides it doesn’t want to spool…so it can take a little time to reset it…but back to the transfers.

1. Print the colored toner transfer (not inkjet) onto plain white paper.

2. Burnish with your fingers.

3. I let it set a couple of minutes. (tip: if you’re using old transfers, warm it up with a heat gun to help the toner reset onto the polymer)

4. Spray with a little water and let it soak in.

5. Gently rub off the paper. Now your polymer clay transfer is ready to use!

Now then, how do you like to use polymer clay transfers?

This Friday Fun tip is part of my Decorative Pens Tutorial.


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