Humorous Halloween Story

Ray Villafane-pumpkin
Ray Villafane pumpkin

Every time I see one of Ray Villafane’s carved pumpkins, they remind me of the fun halloweens we use to have at our house when I was growing up. Halloween with a little sense of humor!

My favorite memory of Halloween was the year my parents decorated our yard with a frightening witch stirring her pot of steaming witches brew.

The witch stood about 8.5 to 9 feet tall. She wore a big black witches hat. Her scarey face was realistic with warts, a long crooked nose, green wrinkled skin, and a disgusting missing tooth grin. My dad had sculpted her face and hands out of clay and then painted in the disturbing details.

The witch stood stirring her smoky (dry ice) pot of witches brew near our front door facing the sidewalk where the little kiddies would be coming up to “trick or treat”.

Underneath her heavy black dress hid a tall speaker. There was a microphone cord running into the house into the living room. My mom would peek out through the darkened drapes and when the children would arrive she would use her “sweet witchy voice” to talk to the children walking up the sidewalk. As you can imagine, it scared the crap out of them. Especially when the witch would made remarks about their costumes. They simply couldn’t figure out how this witch was seeing them. If they got super scared we’d always reveal exactly how the witch was talking to them and even give them a turn to try and scare the next unsuspecting guest.

The witch had a token black cat at her feet. The rest of the yard was decorated with pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks and a little devil hid in the background.

Our yard was the creepy yard at the end of the street. When I see the halloween decorated yards, I always look for a witch.

What’s your favorite halloween memory, favorite costume or fun time?

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