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trello boardI’ve tried many, many different types of ways to be more organized in the studio. I always have my art journal with me to jot down notes and sketch ideas but for me, sometimes ideas would get written down but a few pages later I’ve forgotten about it. After all I’m a visual person.

If it’s not directly in front of me I’m likely to forget about it. I’ve tried tracking my art projects in excel, Evernote, and even tried keeping them all organized in file folders. None of it’s worked for me.

Then I heard about Trello, your entire project, in  a single glance.

You can create project boards that includes mini boards with “cards” that you add. The cards include each of your projects.  You can move these cards around from board to board and see everything all at once. On each card you can add a photo to your project and you can add notes and checklists. It’s brilliant!

Oh, and it’s pretty intuitive too, you don’t like the name of the board you created? Just click on the title and change it. Easy peasy. You can even print out your boards, to keep with you. And it’s FREE.

I absolutely love it! Everything I need to see is right there on the appropriate board. If you try it out, let me know what you think.

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