I’m baaack..from inspired 09

What a blast! Inspired rocked!! Check out some of the photo’s of the event.

Donna Downey and me.
Some Class Fun…which group is this???

and which group is this??

If you look closely you can see our very own professional photographer

Paolo Liloc getting into the action.
Here’s a closeup of his work! Look, it’s cute little cameras!

And now for some class people and their projects…Wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone’s project. Feel free to email me your photo. 🙂
Mo what a beautiful smile and a great necklace!!

Can you tell we had FUN?? 🙂 I know I did.

I want to thank Amanda. She helped me soo much, best TA ever!!
She kept me on track and taking care of oven duty!!
Thank you Amanda!!
I also want to thank Cookie!! Donna’s mom and the other TA’s
who helped in my class. I would not have been the same without you all. 🙂

And a few more photo’s from our closing ceremonies…
Lauren, sorry I didn’t get a picture, if you have one, please email it to me.
Lauren won my art piece.

Here’s Kelly Rae Roberts our keynote speaker.
She gave such an inspiring speech.
She oozes with encouragement.

Paulette Insall. What a sweetie and fabulous painter.
(did I tell you, we’re both from Alabama?)
Thanks everyone!! I had a fabulous time.

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