In the studio

Wow, time really flies doesn’t it? Pingree was fabulous. Met some amazing polymer clay artists, legends in the polymer clay world. Learned quite a few tips and have a new appreciation for polymer clay work. A new appreciation for color, form and patterns and got my pmc kiln programmed! Thanks Hollie! The trip was full of adventure (huh, julie?) I had a lovely time.

The experience opened a new “discovery” door to me and I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the studio, experimenting, molding, casting and playing with textures, form and color. I’m working on a collaborative polymer clay 2″ square, researching african, greek, modern and contemporary art. Hopfully some of what I’m learning will rub off on my new work. Stay tuned!

On the home front, the honey and I have decided to go to Mexico in December instead of a cruise. (Cancun side) Can’t wait!!

Have an artful week!

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