Journey to the Soul and friends

I finished binding and mailing the “Journey to the Soul” ATC book. It was a small book, with players from my tejaes art yahoo group. tami roth, karla, kara, kim, Sharon DuBois, Linda. Very nice work ladies!! Thanks for playing!
Also I want to give a shout out to some online friends ilysa, sally and jkay!

ilysa is the woman with a polymer clay mission! She and her partner in crime kira creates awsesome “how to” polymer clay podcasts and videos over at If you haven’t checked them out…head on over there. ilysa also started the first online polymer clay etsy guild ( and she has an etsy shop What an inspiration!

Sally creates wonderful polymer clay jewelry. Check out her shop at

I just want this piece from jkay jewelry shop!

Check out her other amazing creations here

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